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Adelaide Dream Homes

It is easy to see why Adelaide Dream Homes is the new kid on the block to watch. The company is the “baby” of Matt Thomas, and he has been working toward this dream all his life.

Matt is the product of 11 generations of stone masons and carpenters and started his building life in the old ‘Carpentry and Joinery’ Apprenticeship. This included training and in everything from framing a home to the artistry of furniture making and he now carries this attention to detail into every project. He soon caught the bug and started working with his father, gaining experience both within the business and through roles with other residential and commercial construction companies, using his abundant charm to build networks.

In 2012, Matt had his “light bulb moment”, when he realised so many of his contacts were having bad experiences with the building process. There was a ground swell of customers wanting a more personal approach and higher quality housing than the project home companies were offering.

A self-confessed “building nerd”, Matt constantly researches and analyses what other builders do well and not so well, to make sure his practices are leading edge. “I don’t have plans to be one of the big buys out there” Matt explains, “I know that will mean I can’t offer that personalised touch, and I really enjoy that part of what I do.”

Matt is supported by a small team at Adelaide Dream Homes, with Nathan Smith as his right-hand man looking after Design, Sales and Client liaison.

“Nathan is my polar opposite, which is perfect in his role,” states Matt unapologetically, “While we both have a focus on service, I want to get on with the job and ensuring the quality and efficiency of the build and figure the intricacies of tile and colour selections are a quick yes/no process. Nathan, on the other hand believes he needs to understand what makes a client tick to help guide them through the maze of decisions that make the house a perfectly tailored home.”

The team also extends to a small in house drafting and construction team, and specialised contractors to ensure the best possible results.

Part of the edge that Adelaide Dream Homes has over some other builders is that they build and design with regard to the site and environmental impact. “It’s really important to think about how our clients will feel living in their home after we’ve finished, and that’s not limited to their views and the spaces that they have within the home, but also the cost to operate their home, the impact that it has on the landscape and the hope that it improves the clients’ quality of life overall.” Matt goes on to explain, “A house is a living beast, it needs to be able to engage with its environment and create an extraordinary lifestyle for those who live with it.”

The future for Adelaide Dream Homes is to continue to build a high quality product without scrimping on materials or design, but their annual build numbers will be kept relatively low to ensure this. Matt says there is a commercial arm of the business coming to the fore as we publish this, under the banner of ADH Projects, which will also undertake some medium density residential and small commercial projects.

It’s easy to be drawn in to the passion and excitement that Matt has for his “baby”; he also has 3 human “babies” with his wife Kimberly that he also is incredibly proud of.

“Life is about having a balance, I get joy from my work and I won’t compromise on standards. Equally I have a young family that I love being around and spending real time with.” It would seem to me that Matt is on his way to living the dream.

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