Taken at Springlake Deni Homes the quiet achievers

Deni Homes the quiet achievers

18 years ago, Denis and his architect wife, left Croatia for Adelaide. Building was in their blood, both their families were in the industry in Croatia, and it was all they’d ever known, so it would come as no surprise that a building company was on their horizon. Deni Homes is now 10 years old, and going strong, Denis says this is due to the fact that he and his wife are a strong, complimentary team, and they recognise the importance of good, valued contractors.

“Many of the contractors we use, were working alongside of me in my days as a carpenter. I respected them then, and I still do now. Without them, my business would not be able to produce the quality builds that we are building, in the time that we are delivering them.” He explained.

Remarkably, Deni Homes is able to turnaround a two-storey build in less than 4 months.

Denis went on to say, “Trades are not kept waiting on site, and they are not kept waiting for payment, and because of this they go the extra yards for us. It’s all about give and take, and respect.” Denis was also quick to highlight the importance of his wife in the team, “She has a photographic memory for everything, I just know that I can pick up the phone and ask her anything about a client, and she will know.”

Clients of Deni Homes don’t deal with Builder’s liaison officers or other sales representatives, they meet with Denis and Ksenija direct to discuss their home, and this direct relationship continues throughout the entire building process.

Denis believes that organisational skills are of utmost importance to success in the building industry; “My wife’s strength is very much in keeping us organised, we are always across the status of every build, we keep track of the trades required and the timing of stages, that way we can manage the quality and efficiency of the process and deliver a quality result on time, every time.”

Denis and Ksenjia have two children, aged 15 and 13, who are also showing an avid interest in the building industry. “Our kids love visiting our building sites to monitor the progress on our projects,” he said, recalling fondly an occasion where his daughter some years ago asked, when observing the near completion of a first fix “when is the fairy floss going in?” referring, of course, to the insulation.

Denis, says that while he is very happy with the current level of production, he recognises that there may be a need to consider expansion in the future. However, he is adamant that it would only happen with careful consideration; “The only way we would consider increasing the number of builds that we undertake each year, is if we were able to find people who were suited to our team and were prepared to show that same commitment to the process.”

At the risk of being clichéd, Deni Homes is certainly one of the quiet achievers in the industry.

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