There is a lot to love about Springlake

There is a lot to love about Springlake

There’s a lot to love about Springlake. These two couples love their new Adelaide Hills life so much they’re building their second home at the award-winning residential development.


The simple things in life enticed Franzi and Brendan Boswell to build not one, but two homes at Springlake. The couple has grown to cherish having the best of the Hills at their doorstep: the sound of birdsong in the morning, crickets and frogs chattering at night, space to breathe, the beauty of nature, and a strong sense of community.

“It’s somewhere we enjoy spending our time,” Franzi says. “It’s a great place for our kids to grow up – especially with the lake. It’s a beautiful part of the world and there’s a real focus on keeping everyone together and getting to know your neighbour.”

After building their first Springlake home, they’re putting it on the market and working on their second. “We now have a bigger block of land under contract here. We need a bigger house for our growing kids so we’ll move in once it’s built.”

Their two sons, aged six months and two-and-a-half years, will enjoy the large backyard. “The block is about three times the size of what we have here so the boys can run around. The house will be double-storey so twice the size of what we have now.”

Franzi is originally from Germany. Her Australian husband Brendan enticed her to move to South Australia after travelling the world together. They wouldn’t be anywhere else and are spoilt for choice for things to do in their leisure time.  Springlakes’s nature playground, walking and cycling trails and hidden woodland areas provide plenty of space for little ones to explore.

“Springlake is such a unique set-up, and we really love the concept.”

It is an exciting time for the family, and so far the building and selling experience has been smooth.

“Our salesperson made it pretty easy.”

The family moves into their new home in 2019. “The build kicks off in September and it should be done in six or seven months. We are in the process of selling the first property now. Fingers crossed!”

They’re not the only ones with a second home on their mind.


Carissa and Alex Gabrovsek purchased land on Park Terrace during 2015. Building of their terrace home was completed in July 2016 and they’ve had smiles on their dials ever since.  Previously, they rented in Beaumont.

“We were looking into the opportunity of building or buying our first home,” Carissa says. “We had a look at the land and thought it would be beautiful because it was in the Hills. As soon as we moved into Springlake we were happy here and now I don’t think we’ll ever leave the Hills.”

They’re so happy with the location, they’re upsizing – on the same street. “When I saw the next release happening and what they’ll do with the park in the next stage, we made the decision.”

Their new, 280-square-metre home will be built with the help of Alex’s dad (a builder) and Alex (a carpenter).

“It’s a 540-square-metre block,” Carissa says. “The new one we’re building is just down the road. We always wanted a house where we weren’t directly opposite someone else‘s house. I didn’t want to open the front door and see another home opposite us. That’s why we chose Park Terrace and why we’ve picked it again. It looks out over a park and you don’t feel enclosed.”

The new pad will mean more space for their new Golden retriever Bailey to play. “We’re thinking of having kids down the track so we’ll need more land, a bigger backyard, and a slightly bigger house.”

During two years at Springlake, the couple, aged in their late twenties, has made wonderful friends in their new neighbourhood. “Our former neighbours lived directly next to us and are basically our best friends now. They’ve just started a little family of their own.” Alex’s father currently lives next door, too. The pair even bonded with the sales team. “Everyone has been lovely.”

They love the lifestyle Springlake offers them.

“I don’t think we’d ever move back down [to the city]. We love the wineries (we got married at Howard Vineyard in February) and go for walks along Barker Road and along the dirt track. It’s absolutely gorgeous up there. You literally walk out of Springlake and you’re in in the countryside. It’s absolutely perfect and we wouldn’t change a thing.”

Carissa’s daily commute to the city is also a breeze. “I start at 8am so it only takes about 35-minutes. The drive home gives you a bit of time to unwind. It’s a nice drive.”

She is quietly confident about the upcoming sale of their home. “I’ve never sold a house before so it’s a very new experience but so far so good. When our friends sold their house they got a pretty good return on that so we’re hoping to do the same.”

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