Building a home, not just a house

Building a home, not just a house

CJ and BJ, as they are better known, had been together 2 years when they stumbled upon Springlake. CJ already had a house in Mount Barker, and as much as they knew they wanted to stay in the Adelaide Hills, they wanted to build something together.

“We could feel a real sense of community from the team at the outset”, CJ explained, “the development was really new, but the passion and dedication was evident to us immediately and going forward, our relationship with the Springlake team made the process so much easier.”

They decided to take the risk with the very new development, and are now resolute that every promise has been delivered, and they are very happy with their home built with Metricon.

“For the time we have now been in our home, we have experienced summer, autumn and winter, and the changing colours that have come with that have been glorious. The feeling of serenity that we get when we drive over the lake, gets us every time.” BJ reflected, “It really puts paid to the Japanese philosophy that crossing water on your journey to and from work allows you to leave your troubles and stress on one side of the bank and enjoy the calm of home.”

CJ went on to add, “Even though over time more people have moved into the development, it still maintains its serenity, and you have the comfort of knowing a familiar face is not far, but you don’t feel crowded in.” They also added that the opening of Pallet Café has added to the “community energy”.

They are both excited about what the future holds, and have hinted at the possibility of a wedding in October 2019.

“Beautiful Springlake Gardens might just provide the ideal backdrop for the ceremony!” They surmised.

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