A new release at Springbrook

A new release at Springbrook

The development team at Springlake are excited to announce their new land release at Springbrook, just a few minutes down the road from the award winning Springlake.

Located on Paech Road, Mount Barker, Springbrook employs the same ethos that has already proven so successful at Springlake: a quality offering with a wide variety of housing choice, mindful urban design and beautiful landscaping. It’s a genuinely welcoming space that promotes resident engagement and formation of a real community.

“It was never our intention to create another release of Springlake in a new location”, explains Richard Osborne, Project Director. “However, the demand at Springlake has been phenomenal so when an unexpected opportunity arose it just made sense.”

Springbrook will feature classic hills streetscapes (think red brick structures, cobblestone pavements and character lighting) set amongst a picturesque linear park and walking trails taking in revegetated natural creek lines, ponds and old gums.

“Attention to detail is vital to maintain the character that builds on the feeling of living in the hills. Use of local materials like Littlehampton red bricks and sourcing trees and shrubs of local provenence helps ensure the quality, charm and natural hills environment is retained” said Richard.

Also retained at Springbrook is the wide variety of land and housing choice seen at Springlake. Spacious large and moderate sized scenic allotments, traditional family blocks, low maintenance terraces and the award winning Hampton Cottages are all available.

Featuring a central lake, waterfront shelter, barbeque facilities and in close proximity to new playgrounds, school and shopping centre, Springbrook will deliver the best of the Adelaide Hills.

The first release of land at Springbrook is now available.

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